Soothing Guitars, Tigh Drums and Chill Vocals

Well, I thought I'd share a song that I came across on Facebook recently.
It's called December 8 by Betablokka. I checked them out on their MySpace, and they hail from Canada.

December 8 has been on repeat for awhile in my Itunes now, and I must say the music ebs and flows exactly where it's supposed to.
Excellent guitars, drums and vocals give a dreamy atmosphere in the verses, but they crank up the volume during the chorus and instrumental parts without it seeming out of place.

Betablokka seem to make solid, enjoyable and melodic rock music.

Go check them out on MySpace!
(you can download the song from Facebook)

The four rockers from Betablokka!

- Varyalanis.


I had a water polo match today, on a Sunday, of all days.
It did not do my physical appearance any good, with those extra scratches and bruises.
(Yes, it was a tough match. Yes, we lost.)

And tomorrow, I've got my 9 o' clock lecture, which is far too early for any normal human being.
Only dull people are brilliant in the morning, as my friend Oscar said. ^^ 

All I have to do now is try to sleep. Which I am sure I will eventually succeed in.
Just not in time to be fairly awake tomorrow. Poor me. 

My coherency is going down the drain, so I will stumble to my bed.

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Today is Christmas Eve, so I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Thank you, for everyone who sent me Christmas cards (you know who you are, Bunney XD)
and all my best wishes to you too!

I am now going to get ready, which means: helping prepare some Christmas dinner and fluffing myself up.
I might go crazy and even go in for a little nail polish. XD

Anyway, I have family coming over, so I actually have to hurry up now.

Merry Christmas!


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It's my birthday and, contrary to popular belief, I am now of the very mature age of 18. 
I've gotten the loveliest gift from my parents, an iPod Touch! 

Cool isn't it?

Anyway, I have school in about half an hour so I really have to get dressed.



Birthdays and maths


I'm turning 18 next thursday, and I have no idea what to expect.
I'll invite a few friends on saturday to come hang at my place, but otherwise I don't know.

Unfortunately, before concentrating on turning 18, I will have to retake my mathematics school exam.
Now, I quite like maths, but I have to get an 8 (our grading system here ranges from 1 to 10). 
Not because I'll fail otherwise, but my personal pride is at stake here!

How hard is maths really? It's not. 
Then how come I got an insufficient mark? Because I'm lazy.
Solution: retake test and prepare (better) beforehand.

So, my test is on Tuesday. My birthday is on friday. That leaves about two days to prepare for my birthday.
I shall do it! Oh, I'll also have to decide on a cake. Apple pie? My mom's special cream cheese cake recipe?


Chibicon meeting

Hiya everyone,

I'm so tired right now!
It's because of the staff meeting and the dreadful public transport in the Netherlands.
A driver's licence would be very much appreciated...

Anyway, the staff meeting was for Chibicon. 
Chibicon has recently become a foundation, which means lots of paperwork. -_-;

Chibicon was first only the name of the manga/anime convention. 
We organised our first last July, and are already planning for Chibicon 2008.
It should be loads better than last time, especially now that we've had our first go.

I'm in charge of publicity now, and I will have to contact lots of people in the very near future.
Lobbying for sponsorts is also part of the deal, and I'll have to learn quickly.

Anyway, it should be great fun (and hard work).

Wish me luck! XD

ps. Yes, that totally insignificant thing called school has also begun. ;P
Barely two week and I'm already tired... XD


I saw Pirates 3 a few days ago, and I am still frustrated with the entire storyline AND the ending.
I absolutely hated it when Elizabeth suddenly knew how to fight and hold her own against a dozen or so drunks, pirates and whatnot. But now.... ARGHHHH.
And the ruddy ending of the film... I want happy endings!
It wasn't neccesarily a bad ending, wait who am I kidding? It was! But I won't spoil stuff for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. It still is a film that is worth seeing in the cinema. But I will always like the first Pirates the best.

On to the next subject, Chibicon, an animecon in the Netherlands, is drawing closer! I will be gophering (helping around and stuff) for the first time. Hell, it will be my first animecon and I'm very excited.

I am working on a pic in photoshop, and it's coming along reasonably well. I am trying to make it realistic, but it's hard.

I have been experimenting with photo's too. Here:

Yes, that's me. I was in the popart zone.

But I'll be off now, I'm going to do some reading.


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Last night

Heya everyone, long time no post!

Something annoying happened yesterday.

Warning: Rant. Long. For pictures scroll down.

I was supposed to meet a friend of mine at a tram station, but she called me about 4(!) minutes before it was supposed to arrive at my station. I still had to GET to the ruddy station then. 

When I got there, I was hit on by this complete stranger who greeted me by:
- saying hello (which is allright), 
- shaking my hand (which is fine, really) 
- kissing me on my cheek (okay, bordering on uncomfortable) and 
- kissing me twice more (which might be customary in a Dutch greeting) but inching closer to my mouth with every *...* kiss! -_-;

I told myself it was nothing and that he was harmless. Then he proceeded with asking me questions about what my name was (I told him Alex, which isn't a complete lie), where I lived and what I was going to do, to which I produced very vague aswers. We also spoke about some random things like religion and belief in god (I don't) and then asked me if he 'could get to know me a little better'. I bluntly told him 'no, I don't make a habit of handing out my information to complete strangers'. After that he said goodbye, again kissing me. The idiot. 

I just got on the tram afterwards, and apparently missed my friend completely. Since I couldn't get into the club where we were supposed to go without her (and I don't have a mobile phone) I waited for about 20 minutes, then concluded that she really went without me, bought a ticket and decided whether to take the tram or bus home.

During all this, I was not harrassed again by complete strangers, I only was greeted by catcalls, whistles and the occasional calls of 'hey babe' and 'honey, what yer doin' (<=Dutch, translated). 
Okay, it is nice to be appreciated for what you look like, but come on! 
Brown, baggy pants+ Allstars+ plain black tank=> does not equal half-naked, outrageous outfit! (though my Allstars are really cool, and my grand arse does look good in those pants ;P)

But anyway, I got home safely and early. So I took the time to take some piccies. If interested, click lj-cut.

Collapse )

Long time no post...

Evening everyone! (Well, depending where in the world you live of course ;))

I am doing quite well, I've just returned from my water polo match with a talent team (girls under 18). I was a bit nervous, but I knew a few of the girls already since I had played with them before. I did reasonable well, we all did, but we still lost. No big loss, and we didn't have a real goalkeeper, so that is not decidedly bad. Next Sunday another match with them! Go me! Wheeeeh. 

Now I do not feel like going to school tomorrow at all. I'd rather stay home and play sick... But my mom would go: "NO, YOU WILL GO TO SCHOOL OR ELSE... *angry face* implying that 'else' is very, very bad. Ah well, I'll only be bored to death during mathematics and English. Such is life. 

Good news: I read this HP story written by LexyMalfoy, I think it was. She was inspired by a song by Robin Thicke:  "Teach U a Lesson". It was incredible. Very sexy. Everyone should go and read it! <= Shamelessly promoting story
The music is very relaxed, with lots of soft vocals and acoustic guitar.

I'm a bit tired now, and I really need another shower. So Love ya'll!


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Verry small update!

Be afraid!

I have returned from my family, friends, London and an excessive amount of work. Oh right, and a training-obsessed trainer/coach.
Christmas was lovely, school busy, sport fun. Have just been to the musical (Dutch) "My Fair Lady". It was great.

Will. Go. To. Sleep. Now.




ps. Studio Ghibli is master.

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